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When you are the pilot of your business, making the right decision is everything.

Just like fighter pilots, businesses leaders find themselves in a rapidly changing environment affected by advances in technology.

US Air Force Colonel John Boyd developed a method for fast, efficient decision making that helped his pilots win over the technically superior Soviet MIG’s of the time.

So how did Boyd stay one step ahead of the competition, and how can we apply that to digital marketing success?

The OODA Decision Loop


Collect information from as many places as possible


Analyse the information to find opportunities and problems


on a course of action based on the data and previous experiences


on that course of action quickly and effectively



At Decision Loop, we follow the OODA process to help you make ongoing and repeatable marketing decisions based on real world data, not made up lead scoring.


We collect information about your business and customers from as many places as possible including:

Phone Calls

We can track and record every phone call made from your website and marketing campaigns.

Live Chat

Want to know where that great live chat lead came from, and if it resulted in a sale? We can tell you.

Contact Forms

We track every phone call and where it came from, often down to the keyword.

Ecommerce Transactions

We can track and record every phone call made from your website and marketing campaigns.

Offline Sales

Using our Pipedrive/Salesforce CRM integration, we can track exactly where your money from offline sales came from.

And Many More

We use tools ranging from Google Analytics, SEMRush, Moz and even to our own custom software to get the best decision making data possible


Analyse the information

We filter and sort the data you need to make better decisions, and put it relevant information to your business front and centre

Live HUD (Heads Up Display)

We work with you to create a live custom dashboard showing you the most important health indicators to your business.

Monthly Debriefing

Every month we give you a report with the most important observations and ongoing recommendations for improvement.


Choose the course of action.

At the heart of the OODA loop is the idea that most decisions are repeatable.

We present you with the right data to help make the important decisions, along with information on how similar things have worked in the past.

We speed up this process by giving you the recommended action and forecast in each situation.

But ultimately, you are the pilot, you decide.


Once the decision has been made, we act to get things done.

AdWords & Bing

We supercharge your campaigns with revenue and real world conversion data.

Content Creation

We can create and implement an ongoing content schedule tailored for results.

Social Media Management

We help you target the right social networks with your content and advertising.

Website Optimisation and Development

We can ensure that your website is ready for your customers and optimised for search engines and conversions.

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